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  • Professional and Experienced Associates. Your project and product are in the hands of experienced professional who are committed towards delivering a quality product within budget and timeline.
  • Innovation Lab. Innovation Lab at Kroogerr ensures your are ahead from your competitors when it come to business ideas. Our specialist devotes time to brainstorm and provide the most innovative solution to your need.
  • Transparent & Competitive Pricing . Kroogerr pricing model is very transparent and you do not have to worry about price negotiation. You can have a view of our pricing for our services in Web Development, Mobile Development and Testing.
  • Dedicated Support. Kroogerr after sale service ensure you have dedicated support after project delivery. Our support professional work in shifts and will ensure uninterrupted service to your business.


  • Testing Services

  • Digital Services

  • SMART Services

  • Consulting Services

  • Support Services

  • Hosting & Registration

  • Joomla Services

  • Wordpress Services

  • Magento Services

  • Kroogerr Testing Services: We are into Testing services since our inception and enabled our client in optimizing their cost and improve the application quality. Our experienced team powered by testing leaders never failed on their commitment of delivery. Our Specialized Testing services include:

    - Automation Test Pack Development

    - Performance Testing

    - Security Testing

    - Mobile Testing - Manual & Automation

    - Manual Test Authoring

  • Digital Services- Web & Social Media: Kroogerr digital services focus on web presence of your business using latest Web 2.0 technology. Our HTML 5 & CSS3 expert will design and develop website for your business which is both web ready and mobile ready. You will have double benefit with one price. We go ahead extra mile by promoting your business on social media as well. We will ensure your Social Branding for a limited period of time after sale service. If you want to avail Social Media services only, then we will create, update & promote your business on Facebook and Twitter.

  • SMART Services:Today world runs mostly on Smart Phone and we have a good expertise and understanding in mobility space. If you have an APP idea for Smart phone user and looking for a technology partner, then you are at right place. Our SMART Team will convert your ideas into Smart App and help your business in realizing the target benefits.

  • Consulting Services: Kroogerr consultants are expert in Digital Media, Mobility, and Open Source & Testing. Kroogerr consultants are not normal consultant who will just to 9 to 6 jobs but they are expert who will give you professional guidance and help you to articulate your ideas. They will brainstorm with you and make your idea saleable. They have desire to ensure you do not over spend or over sale.

  • Support Services:Kroogerr support services cater to business who wants to transition their existing technology support to a new partner. Our proven transition approach will ensure a smooth transition and support services at a very competitive price. Our support professional work in multiple time zones and ensure you have round the clock support across globe.

  • Hosting & Domain Registration:Kroogerr hosting and registration services are meant for start up or individuals who started or want to start online presence for their business. This service will take all your worries and our expert will guide and do all the domain registration, website development and hosting.

  • Joomla Services: Kroogeer Joomla services are for those businesses who want to develop their content management system on Joomla. Our Joomla expert will help you in designing your Joomla Website and all the necessary knowledge transition so that you can update your website on your own. We will support you for 2 weeks after successful delivery of your project.

  • WordPress Services:If you are a blogger or a company and looking for WordPress technology partner, then you can rely on Kroogerr Wordpress expert. Our experienced professional will develop and deploy your wordpress website or blog. You can choose from various Wordpress template or our expert will help you in picking right word press template for your website.

  • Magento Services: Do you want an e-commerce website in 2 weeks time? If yes, then Kroogerr Magento Services will provide your ecommerce website in flat 2 weeks. You need to devote few hours in finalizing the Magento Template for your e-commerce website and ready with your product and price. Our Magento expert will design, develop & deploy your e-commerce website in flat 2 weeks time.

Kroogerr MethodologyD-CUBE



Basic SQL for Testers : UDF & Triggers

March 25, 2014

User Defined Functions There are two types of User-Defined functions in SQL Server and they are Scalar, and Table-Valued. 1.1 Scalar Function A Scalar user-defined function returns one of the scalar data types. Text, ntext, image and timestamp data types are not supported.


Our proven D-Cube model will lessen the overall release timeline by almost 20 to 30%. We developed in Agile and D-Cube model work on Agile Principles. The methodology is accelerated by the usage of in-house developed Accelerator and Tools.
When you engage us our transparent rates will surely bring your IT Cost for Website Development, Mobile App Development and Testing by almost 10 to 20%.
Our Team works in various shifts as per global timezone. You will always find when you need us.
We ensure not major or critical defect leakages. Normal defect leakage will not be more than 3 to 5.